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R&D fib week 1 - Working in a pandemic

Our first week of R&D for Fib has been a rollercoaster. 12 hours before it started, we discovered that sadly one of our actor/musicians and one of our creative team were unable to join us due to needing to isolate. Enter the brilliant Peter Mooney and our MD B Murray last minute to fill in….thank you both so much. We have already: worked through all the music; completed a script reading; done chorus work, character work, script unit and beat analysis; and created 10+ new scenes as well as getting rid of that many. When I write it out like that, yes, we have achieved a lot - phew.

But back at the beginning of the week I was nervous to say the least. I wasn’t sure what creating in the COVID world would be like and the idea of being back in a room with people was daunting. I very quickly discovered that my fears were unwarranted as three things became quickly apparent upon entering the rehearsal space at Liverpool Arts Bar on Monday. Firstly, that everyone in the room was anxious, not just me. Not surprising, considering the length of time that had passed for most of us since we were last in a room creating! Secondly, that we had found a unique group of extremely talented, but maybe more importantly, a super supportive and open group of individuals. The mental health themes of the piece, as well as the times we have been living in, make these qualities in the team essential to this R&D. Thirdly, because 3D human beings are far superior in so many ways to their zoom counterparts, that the piece is going to be incredible. Oh, and that people are different heights - you’d think I would have remembered that, but the zoom world had warped me so I believed everyone to be desk chair height.

So here we go into week 2 and I can’t wait to start - and hopefully to share the piece with an audience in the near future.

Written by Bryony Thomas 19/06/2021

Co-Founder of KimBo Theatre

Co-Writer on Fib


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