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Fib - Under Pressure – let's talk about mental health and the music/arts industry


An open discussion about mental health and the music/performing arts industry with KimBo Theatre and Chris Difford, chaired by Rachel Jepson

See Through - Liverpool


Terror in Toxteth, Frights in Fenwick Street and Penny Lane poltergeists, Liverpool’s haunted history runs through the veins of our city.
Brave the Baltic Triangle for a night of spine-chilling theatre.

See Through - London


There are so many wonderful venues to hold nights of new writing in the U.K and who doesn’t love a good night of ghost tales! So far we have held nights in London and Liverpool.
See-Through nights are written and produced in a short period of time to keep them vibrant.

Left Luggage


One third of British adults think about death and dying at least once a week. Yet 77% of British adults find it difficult to talk about death. The play follows two sisters as they deal with the loss of the one constant in their lives. They confront what it means when someone you love dies, and discover how it can give you the freedom to live. Set in their Grandmother’s house, we follow the sisters as they explore the life their Gran lived. They realise more about themselves and each other than they ever knew when their Gran was alive.

A funny, uplifting play about life, death and family.

Nothing to See Here - 1


We have all had an 'Imaginary Friend'. One of the tragedies of the emergence into adulthood is the loss, the removal, from this primal source of being. Nothing To See Here will attempt to awaken aspects of the audience’s imagination that lay dormant in the minds of most adults - imagination that can be unnerving in the absence of childhood innocence.
A blend of physical and interactive dynamics meet in this project which explores the parameters of the human imagination expressed through the medium of childhood fantasy.

Nothing to See Here - 2


'Nothing to see Here' is a tender, truthful, sincere and moving exposition of the relation between self and unconscious. Above all it is a humorous and human account of that which makes us what we are.

Nothing to See Here R&D -3


Us talking to different people about their imaginary friends in preparation for making Nothing to See Here

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