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Our Extremely Talented Musical Director

As soon as we started working on the idea of bringing Fib to life it became clear that we would need an MD of substance with an understanding of all kinds of music, enter......

Ben Murray

Ben is a non-binary songwriter and MD from the North West. They have been writing music for almost a decade, with the mindset of constant learning, improvement and experimentation. Previously they worked as an MD and composer for Chalice Media's production of Hamlet; and for Falling Doors Theatre's new work “There's A Dead Body In My Baby's Sandpit”. Having been involved with many bands on many levels, Ben has an eclectic library of releases, from their sad-hip-hop pseudonym “ez peeler” to big brash emo band “CHEAP THEATRE”. Currently, Ben is working on videos for their upcoming unreleased band project while being the MD for Rickety Fidgets on their new piece.

Ben has already been invaluable in helping us finding a great team for the Fib R&D and we can't wait to start working with them more in June!


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